June Releases At Legio Gloria

The highly anticipated Handsome Shorts are back in stock. Not only are they back in stock but they are now available in two new colours as well; grey and navy. The Handsome Shorts are named thus after a quote in a Horus Heresy novel where the Primarch Guilliman is described in the following words: “He is handsome, in a plain way. He is handsome the way a regent on an old coin is handsome, like a good sword is handsome.” I thought this was an adequate description of the shorts as well, since they are also handsome in a plain way. So nothing out of the ordinary, just a pair of stylish and comfortable shorts to enjoy life in, be it in the Temple of Iron or elsewhere.

Moreover, two new sleeveless hoodies are available. Saturnus’ Meditation Garment and Galadriel’s Blessing. I like sleeveless hoodies both due to the fact that they look aesthetically pleasing and due to the fact that they are comfortable to wear in general and also to train in. They keep the warmth on the torso yet lets the armpits breathe. Moreover, they provide a sturdier base than a stringer or tanktop when it comes to certain exercises in the gym – such as benchpress or dumbbellpress.

In regard to the names they are, as usual, chosen in order to conjure the most epic picture possible. A Legio Gloria garment should never just be a garment, it should also be imbued with something more; a reminder to yourself to be aggressive and passionate in your approach to life. The garments are the successors of the Zealot’s Delight; similar in style but with some changes made to the seams, the zipper and the strings.

The new releases are available at https://legiogloria.com/. The MMA-shorts will be released next week.

That being said I wish you a high Thumos weekend ahead.

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