Legio Gloria Releases July: MMA-Shorts, Stringers and Tracksuit Bottoms

The most highly anticipated release are the Dragon Prince MMA-Shorts. After a long process of development and testing (almost a year, fifth time is the charm) they are now ready to be worn by the Legionnaires. Durability and flexibility were my main concerns; these are both durable and flexible, ready to take you through many martial arts sessions ahead. The last prototype were very close to being released as well, but I subjected them to rather rigorous durability tests and although they were very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable they were not as durable as they should. Letting my manufacturer know this, we made some alterations to the cloth to make it a bit tougher. My wish is for these shorts to be a loyal companion for many years ahead.

The next release is the Saturnus’ Imperial Tracksuit Bottoms. They are similar to the Valsgärde Handsome Tracksuit Bottoms (which are no longer available), with the exception that these ones do not have zippers for the pockets and do not have a backside pocket. The zippers were removed due to utility reasons, getting things (such as the gym card or car keys) out from the pockets goes smoother without the zippers. The backside pockets were removed for aesthetic reasons. These tracksuit bottoms are meant to be comfortable and look good both inside and outside the Temple of Iron. They have a tighter fit and although they have stretch in them it is recommended to not squat in them – I personally only ever squat in shorts, in my case; the Handsome Shorts. The aforementioned Valsgärde Tracksuit Bottoms have been my standard deadlifting wear though, since they are fitted closer to the legs than other tracksuit bottoms (meaning that you can get the bar closer to your shins). So to conclude; Saturnus’ Tracksuit Bottoms for deadlifts and generally looking aesthetic, and Handsome Shorts for squats (and also generally looking aesthetic).

The last release consists of two new gym stringer designs; the Acolyte’s Gym Stringer and the Golden Phoenix – Gym Stringer. The sword and book design is the Legio Gloria symbol and represents the quest for physical, intellectual and martial progression. The golden phoenix stands for European civilisation rising from the ashes.

All new releases are available at: legiogloria.com

That being said I wish you a high testosterone week ahead!

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