My Book Dauntless Is Now Available – A Few Notes

It is with unbridled joy and excitement that I announce the release of my book Dauntless. It truly feels like a victory after so many years. The book can be said to be my collected teachings and contains 13 chapters (200 pages). It is meant to serve as a handbook that can be used for (primarily younger – but also older) men as a guide to navigating the modern world.

I began writing it in 2015 and when I intensified the work on the book during this year I realised I had matured quite a bit over these last years, so much of the chapters written back then had to be rewritten, the message is still the same though, just presented with a better, and hopefully more eloquent, language.

The book is not a biography (that will come at a later stage) but I do of course write about certain things from my own perspective. The book contains chapters about training, nutrition, martial arts (and violence in general), philosophy, culture, spirituality, politics, environmentalism, and lastly some visions for a glorious future. Parts of the book are more geared towards self-improvement whereas other parts are to present the reader with a balanced and reasonable world-view.

Excerpt from the book:

“In order to ascend into a higher state of being you must approach life and adversary in a dauntless fashion. Attaining glory can only be done when there are things that need to be overcome; being dauntless in the face of those things is the heroic and correct attitude. Fear is a double-edged sword, it can be used to your advantage or it can pacify you. The fear of losing can make you train and fight harder. The fear of ignorance can make you strive all the harder for the attainment of knowledge. The fear of being left without glory as the years pass by can fuel your transcendence into a legend.”

The book is available at the following places:

Free Speech Library:

Legio Gloria, in case you want to order clothes at the same time:

Jotunheim Nutrition, for Swedish customers in case you want to order supplements at the same time:

Happy reading!

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