A Note to Generation Identity – Identitäre Bewegung. Leftists and Physiognomy

I thought to respond a bit more at length to something I saw a while back. Namely a tweet from the account of Identitäre Bewegung. Usually I would not be bothered by such a statement, but considering the fact that I have always held Generation Identity in high esteem I wanted to make a longer response than the one I gave on Twitter.

We in the European community of Identitarian movements distance ourselves from the current GI UK leadership’s decision to organise a conference in the name of GI with participants from alt-right youtubers, whose positions do not represent us.

First and foremost, it is completely fine to disavow and distance yourself from other individuals and organisations, but when doing so you should state why you are doing so. For example, I do believe that most public dissidents who are, in some shape or another, pro European bioculture (or even simply culture or traditional values at this point) disavow political violence. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents has, on numerous occasions, correctly stated that political violence and terrorism is worse than a crime – it is a mistake. So if someone is endorsing the use of political violence there is nothing wrong with condemning that person, after all the individuals who perform lone-wolf actions only set us back in the great awakening of the people. Blair Cottrell wrote a good post on Gab the other day on the futility of these sorts of actions.

The point of commenting on this is to highlight that it is acceptable to disavow people, but that disavowal must be done because of legitimate reasons. For example, if I were to host a conference or a similar event, I would not invite a speaker who is in bad physical shape, or who has an alcohol and/or drug problem (to give an example). Why? Because it goes against what I stand for. I can clearly state why I am against it. It is just not on some whim. And that is why I take issue with the statement of Identitäre Bewegung. Distancing ourselves from others must be done as a means to send a message to others who are, roughly speaking, pulling in the same direction in the tug-of-war. It must never be done to appease an enemy that hates you and will only despise you even more should you show weakness.

In a recent video I talked briefly about physiognomy (i.e. the belief that you can judge a persons character on the way he looks). I first stumbled upon the term a good few years back in a historic fiction novel by the historian Harry Sidebottom (recommended author by the way). I thought the concept was interesting but dismissed it as an outdated pseudo-science. However, as the years went by I started noticing a pattern (the human brain is excellent at noticing patterns). The pattern was simply that the guys who were kind and supportive (and this stems from the time I was primarily into fitness and it continued on as I switched to more philosophy and politics) were usually guys who looked good (i.e. happy, healthy and life-affirming), whereas the guys who were not supportive (the few times you could actually figure out how they looked like) clearly had some issues (judging from the way they looked). At first I said to myself that it was only in my mind that the good guys where the good looking guys, but as the years went on the pattern got ever more apparent and today I can, with confidence, state that there is correlation between how you look and what kind of person you are.

So what does this have to do with Identitäre Bewegung and their will to distance themselves from others? It is important to understand the way leftists work. A leftist is ultimately a bully full of ressentiment. And when I say leftist I do not mean a classical leftist who is against massive corporations and who stands workers rights. Had this been 150 years ago I would perhaps write articles in favour of better working conditions. Either way, let us go back to physiognomy, compare your average leftist (the way he looks) with someone like Martin Sellner. A look at Martin hints at someone noble, kind and brave (which by all accounts is true as far as I know), the opposite can be said about the average leftist. These leftists (including journalists etc.) do not care about the respective positions of various pro-European individuals or organisations, they do not even care about politics, the future or the well being of society. They are bullies and get a kick out of getting people to back down from them. Making organisations and individuals disavow others make them feel good, it appeases them as bullies. Understanding this is instrumental in understanding how they work. Thus, the only reasonable course of action is to never try to appease these people.

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