A Few Notes on the New Legio Gloria Polo Shirts

It is with great pleasure I present the new Legio Gloria polo shirts. They were one of the most requested additions to the store so it is great to finally have them available. I am personally also a big fan of wearing polo shirts since they are so versatile. Stylish yet functional, they make for a great casual garment.

This particular design has been in the making since this spring and I am very happy with the final result. A concept in clothing design which I used for these is called ‘Handsome in a plain way’. The same concept is used for the Handsome Shorts (hence the name). The meaning of it is that the garment is supposed to be stylish without being over the top, discreet yet elegant. The t-shirt designs are designed a bit differently (speaking of which, new t-shirts are incoming in a few weeks), in that they have bolder designs meant to inspire a certain mindset inside or outside of the gym.

Regarding the colour choices; navy and burgundy, it was simply a matter of starting off with two colours that works well with other colours (the neutral colour of bottoms for example – as in the pictures above and below).

In regard to the cut of the garment it is fitted, which means that it has a tight fit, good for visually enhancing your musculature. The aim for all Legio Gloria garments is to be best suited for athletic gentlemen. I wear extra large at 187,5 cm (6’2) and 92,5 kg (205 lbs).

The polo shirts are available at: https://legiogloria.com/

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