Jotunheim Werewolf Brew – A Note on Pre-Workout Products

I recently made a video on the topic of energy drinks and PWOs but since some prefer reading articles to watching videos I thought to expound on the topic here as well. Also, in regard to reading or watching, sometimes watching or listening is not possible due to various circumstances, so it is good to express thoughts in writing as well. Also, on a personal note, I do like writing and I want to do more of it so I can increase my skill level as an author (my writing is decent at the moment but it must improve nonetheless – if there is room for improvement, improvement is a must).

The first thing to point out is that you do not need a pre-workout product. Good sleep and good nutrition are the pillars upon which a heroic physique is built. So focus on those in addition to progression in the main lifts and gains will come. I do not even recommend that you buy my Jotunheim Nutrition Werewolf Brew. At least not if you are in a tight financial situation, in that case it is better to spend that money on whey or other good foods. A pre-workout product is supposed to be a nice thing to take once or twice a month (or perhaps every Saturday for a special session), it is not supposed to be a requirement for your daily prayers in the Temple of Iron. I was ambivalent about releasing a PWO for this reason, but I wanted one for myself and figured it could be a good addition to the line as long as I made my intentions with the product abundantly clear.

I intend to use the Werewolf Brew every full moon, and those sessions will consist of deadlifts and/or squats. I will make it into a ritual of strength and primordial power. This might seem strange for low-Thumos and ironic guys, but we must never listen to them. You should only listen to men you respect. And I certainly do not have any respect for the modern ironic numale-bugman types that are the anti-thesis to my teachings.

Furthermore, on a similar note. Another thing you can invest your money in is a subscription to my Physique Manufactorum on Patreon or SubscribeStar, where I write weekly summaries about my training (I also post Patreon/SubscribeStar exclusive videos there – something I will do more of in the coming time). Again, in the name of transparency and honesty you can find all the information you need in regard to training and nutrition online for free, but subscribing to those is a great way to support my video production (since I have been demonetised by YouTube).

For Swedish customers, the PWO is available here:
For customers in Europe, the PWO will be available here during next week:

You can subscribe to my Physique Manufactorum in the following places:

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