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Greetings all,

I thought to give an update on the Physique Manufactorum subscription service that I have on my Patreon and SubscribeStar, I have thus far posted weekly training summaries but I have decided to also start making Patreon/SubscribeStar exclusive videologs (which will be available for those who are signed up). These videos will be raw – meaning that I show how I actually train, rather than just scenic highlights that I use for the motivational videos. I will also comment on the training in the videos themselves.

There are a few different reasons for this. First and foremost because I want to give exclusive value for you who support the channel in addition to bringing more people on as supporters (to get up to a level that compensates for the lack of ad revenue). Furthermore, I feel more comfortable hosting a subscription style service rather than just having it as donation platform.

Moreover, I also feel more comfortable showing raw training clips for the guys who are more committed (i.e. who are on my side). When I make my training motivational videos I intend to make them as inspiring and epic as possible, the purpose of raw training videos is to show the training as it is and explain it in videos. I can also be a bit more relaxed in these videos, since not as many people will be watching them and since everyone who watches them will already be on board with certain things.

I intend to make the training videologs a bi-monthly occurrence (there are currently three Patreon exclusive training clips up – today’s one was a test version for the coming ones – which will be a bit longer).

You can sign up for the Physique Manufactorum here:



The content is identical on both pages. Patreon is a better platform but for anti-fragility reasons I have a SubscribeStar account as well.

Lastly, for those of you that wonder what my training over the next months will look like, it will revolve around heavy lifting and MMA, I will cover both in the videologs.

Best regards,

Marcus – The Golden One

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