Epic Autumn Release – Legio Gloria

As has been the case with my latest releases I am very happy and proud to present these garments. Being able to direct my aesthetic talent in this manner is truly a blessing from the Gods (or God). Moreover, being able to have a long time horizon and low time preference in developing new clothes is also a blessing. Since all of the garments have been in the works for quite some time I am excited to share the finished product with everyone who are worthy of wearing them.

The release consists of three new t-shirts and two new hoodies. The t-shirts are basically the same as previous t-shirts (in their cut and size), the only difference is that they are now made with 100% cotton. The previous ones contained a bit of elastan to increase the stretch, this time I decided to keep them all cotton as they are stretchy enough anyway (I also know that some prefer to only have organic materials in their clothes). For size reference; I wear extra large in these t-shirts at 92,5 kg/205 lbs, if I had intended to stay at this weight I would have worn large instead, but as the Autumn bulk draws nigh I went with extra large.

The first release is the Perseus’ Victory T-Shirt (as seen above). The combination of black and grey is to invoke the feel of a statue. The design itself is to represent the following:
Perseus (you), defiant and victorious, holding the head of Medusa (your weaknesses) in triumph. This garment represents the timeless ideal of overcoming adversity in addition to honouring classical Europe and ancient Hellas.

The design of the next release, The Sword of Mars, is also one that hearkens back to the classical age – the later days of the Western Roman Empire to be more precise.

The name itself can also be used for the legendary sword of Attila the Hun (also called the Sword of Attila or the Sword of God). Attila – the Scourge of God was ultimately defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains by an alliance of Visigoths led by Theodoric I and Romans led by Flavius Aetius. This period in European history is both interesting and important to be familiar with. The situation in the Western Roman Empire (during the Migration Period) and the situation in Western Europe today is quite similar.

Perhaps the most aesthetic of the new releases is the Odin’s Wild Hunt – T-shirt.

Embark upon the Wild Hunt of glory and enlightenment. Wear this as a commitment to yourself to continuously strive forward in an aggressive and life-affirming manner. This garment honours Odin the Allfather and our ancestors.

The hoodies are back in stock just in time for Autumn and Winter. Both hoodies are a bit thicker (as opposed to previous thinner hoodies) and will serve you well both outdoors as the weather gets colder as well as in the Temple of Iron. The hoodies are similar in cut and size to the Mithrandir Exploration Hoodie (that was available last Autumn).

The grey hoodie has the Perseus design (again, the black and grey are to reinforce the notion of a statue) and the green hoodie has the Sword of Mars design, the combination of green and the sword is to give it a Pagan look. The sword in the design can also be seen as a Viking sword.

All new releases are available at legiogloria.com

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