A Note About Nick Fuentes and Bronze Age Pervert

I was asked about my thoughts in regard to a recent disagreement between two popular individuals, Nick Fuentes, host of America First, and the esteemed Bronze Age Pervert, author of the best-selling book Bronze Age Mindset. The disagreement is basically about whether to attend a conference or not. As I have experience in both attending conferences as a speaker and in organising non-public events I can give some insights.

Before giving an answer to the question at hand I would like to emphasise the importance BAP’s work. His podcast, Caribbean Rhythms is genuinely one of my highlights of the week. I always listen to it as soon as it comes out, either in between sets in the gym or during a nature walk. That being said it is not my own opinion of his work that matters, but rather how many people he has reached with his book and writings (which is many), and what kind of people he has reached (powerful people).

Some kind words about Nicholas are also in order. His passion and courage must be admired. Taking on the entire Conservative Inc. is not an easy task, and the fact that he stands up for what he believes is right is not something you see all too often in this age of deceit. That being said there are plenty of things we disagree on (his stance on Paganism for one).

Bronze Age Pervert knows what he is talking about and it is preposterous that he should get criticised by random Twitter posters who have never or will never have the sort of influence he has. You can, of course, respectfully disagree with him. Also, anyone who accuses him of being homoerotic is unenlightened and would do everyone a favour by simply staying silent (or at least wait a few years until you see reason). This is a war of aesthetics, the ones who look the best win, simple as that. This is why I only want to be associated with people who post physique. Moreover, calling physique posting homoerotic is a left-wing position, i.e. a position born out of ressentiment and a sense of physical inferiority. An honourable man who sees a heroic physique is inspired, an unenlightened man will find excuses and copes.

That all being said, onto the question:

You must ask yourself: Why do I want to attend this conference or event?

Do you want to attend the conference just to feel like you have done something? Then it is the wrong motivation. The same thing can be said about demonstrations, they are completely useless. Attending a demonstration might give the sensation of doing something but it is only counter-productive. That being said, I understand and respect the urge to ‘do something’. On this note it must also be pointed out that something does not become more ‘real’ or useful just because it is done in the physical realm (i.e. outside of the Internet). Reaching 100 000 viewers with a video on YouTube (or with a post on Twitter or Instagram) is tremendously more powerful than reaching 100 people in the street.

The harsh truth is that the most useful thing to do is often to contribute financially to metapolitical and/or political endeavours. This is not something that people like to talk about. It is perhaps more inspiring to talk about heroism and glory but the fact of the matter is that you can do very little without money, and being a regular contributor of money enables endeavours to take things to the next level.

Again, this is not something that is fun to point out, but if someone asks the question on what to do, how to help, I will give an honest answer. Another way to help is to post physique, especially in response to journalists and various other people who want to portray right-wingers as un-aesthetic. You can do this anonymously as well.

Are attending events considered ‘doing something’? Creating networks and taking over societal structures is highly important and a key to victory. And conferences can serve a good role here; it provides a meeting place for honourable men.

Do you already have a solid network of like-minded men? Good. Are you already inside a power-structure with an upward mobility? Good, don’t jeopardise that position by potentially doxxing yourself.

Are you in search of gallant shield-brothers whom you can create a Männerbund with? You might just meet those men at some sort of conference. Then it is a good idea.

When I have hosted events it has been with the ambition of facilitating networking for men with the heart on the right place. Although no extreme measures have been taken in regard to op-sec (the stakes are not as high when it is only training) there has at least been a policy of no photographs or videos. The reason for this is that there must be a possibility to attend events without risking unnecessary doxxing etc. Can the organisers guarantee this? Good.

Long story short: should you attend events like this? It depends.
Are you there to find like-minded good men to network with and build strong friendships for the future? Then yes.
Are you there just because you feel like you have to do something? Then no. Then it is better to support accounts financially and/or post anonymously on social media.

Lastly, whatever you do, don’t do something stupid. Also, be sure to become as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as socially skilled as possible, and as persuasive as possible. Read, train, network and become a force of nature.

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