Apollo, Heimdall, Black Death Hoodie, Phoenix Neckwarmer. Legio Gloria Releases

Although this article is published a bit later than the release of the garments I would still like to present them and elaborate a bit on each new item. As I have mentioned before I have a low time preference in regard to the release of clothes. What this means in practice is that it does not matter if a certain garment takes a bit longer to develop as long as the end result is better. In regard to the new Apollo and Heimdall garments it was mostly a matter of wearing the prototype over a long period of time (which I did over late Summer and early Autumn), to see how the cut and the material felt. As I mentioned in an Instagram post a while back I was happy with it from an early stage and it continued to be satisfactory.

Whereas the standard polyester rashguards are primarily for MMA, grappling or gym training, I wanted this cotton rashguard to work both in the gym and outside the gym; as a casual garment, as a training garment, as an outdoor garment. Basically for everything.

The goal with all Legio Gloria clothes is that it should not only be a well-designed and high quality item, it should also invoke a certain feel. For me personally this garment reminds me of a few different things.

I remember a sequence in The Ultimate Fighter that I watched about eight years ago and one of the coaches had a bodybuilder on his coaching staff. He said he had him in his retinue to teach his fighters about the importance of nutrition (which is a good point by the way). The bodybuilder looked jacked and always wore a rashguard of some sort. I thought it looked good.

Another inspiration for the garment is from the Horus Heresy books where the Adeptus Astartes (genetically enhanced soldiers) wear bodygloves under their armour. When reading about this I got an epic image in my head. I often talk about using these sort of mental images as training motivation. Speaking of which, here is a training motivation video made by a supporter featuring yours truly and Warhammer: Dark Millenium. I recently held a poll on Telegram (follow me here: https://t.me/thegoldenone), and the results was that I should talk more about the lore of it (or at least give introductions so people can understand references and certain memes etc.). Long story short; the linked clip contains both Warhammer 40k (Horus Heresy) and Warhammer Fantasy, in addition to a pro-European message.

In regard to the names of the garments they representing two European gods. Heimdall is a Norse god, and the etymology of the name is, according to one theory, “the one who illuminates the world“. This is what we strive to do – illuminate the world. Apollo is the god of light and order, and if often put in contrast to Dionysus, the god of debauchery.

In regard to the cloth itself I wanted it to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. The label in the back is printed directly on to the garment. And it is supposed to feel like a second skin.

The popular neckwarmers are back in good time for Winter. The previous ones had a Celtic Cross as the symbol in front and those sold out in a few days. So it was of course tempting to release the same design again. However, as I have mentioned before we are now in a unique position to create something new; a new culture of European revival. And I do believe the Phoenix symbolises this better than a cross. The Phoenix is triumphantly rising from the ashes of what once was.

The Black Death Regeneration Hoodie is named with a similar idea in mind. The Black Death was a catastrophic event in European history, however, just like a forest fire it provided a fecund environment for new growth. This is how we must view Europe’s current predicament. Do not lament the decline – rejoice in the possibility of creating something new.

In regard to the garment itself, it is a clean and straight-forward design, with black and silver as colours. The cut of the garment is similar as the Perseus’ Hoodie with the exception of the hood, in this model the hood covers the lower part of the face (instead of stopping below the face).

Lastly, in regard to Christmas. It is always hard to estimate how long it takes for a package to arrive to a certain destination, but to be on the safe side I would say it is too late to order for Christmas unless you are in Sweden.

All new garments are available at: https://legiogloria.com/

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