January Releases for Legio Gloria – Primordial Gods

New year, new opportunities! We are starting the year with some epic releases with the focus on martial arts, as we have two new rashguards (in addition to a restock of the already existing ones), a new pair of MMA-shorts, and last but not least a garment for strongmen and powerlifters. Read on!

Primordial Gods – Rashguard

First and foremost. I have decided to remove PayPal as a payment option for both Legio Gloria and Jotunheim Nutrition, this is due to PayPal’s nefarious behaviour in regard to black-listing political dissidents. I have not been unfairly treated by PayPal myself, but do not want to do business with a company that behaves the way they do. No company is perfect but PayPal has been unreasonable in their attitudes. I understand that PayPal is a convenient payment method and makes purchases easier for many customers. However, I do hope that ethical choices mean more than convenience at the check-out.

On a more positive note. January is the month of the Wild Hunt, although it must be said that for all Legio Gloria guys every month is Wild Hunt month.

The Wild Hunt – Rashguard

January is the start of many things, martial arts training being one of them (since semesters usually start in January and August). Which makes it appropriate for me to respond to a commonly asked question:

What martial art should you train? Train whatever you can successfully incorporate in your everyday life. Getting good at a martial art follows a similar recipe as getting strong and muscular in the Temple of Iron. It is about consistency and progression over a long period of time. MMA, Thaiboxing, Western Boxing, wrestling and BJJ are all solid choices.

Above are the new Lion of Europa – MMA Shorts. They are same in their size and cut as the Dragon Prince ones that were released during the summer. The design is inspired by medieval heraldry. The lion is armed with a morning star instead of a sword in this design due to aesthetic reasons. Wear these during intense sessions and whenever you need an energy boost, just look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are not alone and that there is a higher cause which to train for.

We also have a release for all certified big boys – namely the Ymir’s Strength Garment.

Ymir – the primordial giant of Nordic mythology demands offerings in the form of strongman and powerlifting training. This is a loose fitting training garment but is comfortable to wear in all relaxed situations. These are very big in their sizing. You can go with either one or even two sizes smaller than usual. The XL ones are for true giants!
I wear L in mine (the one seen in the picture) after having it washed in 40° (30° is the recommended standard washing warmth).

Sizes in small and extra small will be incoming.

If you find the Wild Hunt – Rashguard aesthetically pleasing – it is also available as a t-shirt in the form of Odin’s Wild Hunt – T-Shirt.

Moreover, as many of you probably are aware of, we now have a newsletter you can sign up for. The sign-up form is located at the bottom of the LegioGloria.com page, just type in your email and confirm via the email that is being sent to you.

Furthermore, Dauntless is out of stock. It is estimated to come back in stock in late January. The new batch is with corrected grammar and spelling, there will also be a hardback available. If you already have the first version of the book – you have the honour of possessing the first version of it!

Lastly, a note for everyone who placed orders in December – due to Christmas there might be a delay in delivery since basically all postal services are still catching up on work.

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