Company Update. Dauntless is back in stock – Also, a note on Jotunheim Nutrition and Brave Web-browser

Greetings, I am checking in with an overall update.

As you might already be aware of, Dauntless is now back in stock in all stores. As I said in the latest video, a primary goal is to get as many people to read it as possible. This is the most I can do for the Cause at this moment in time. Not the only thing of course, but perhaps the most powerful strike against the regime of the West and the decadence of the Modern World.

Moreover, I recently removed PayPal as a payment option on both and due to their mistreatment of political dissidents on our side. However, I still have the account, so if you are unable to order with a card, send me an email to and you can place a manual order. The odd manual order using PayPal is not a problem, but reoccurring and frequent payments is better done without that particular company.

In regard to Jotunheim Nutrition I write this in English, even though the supplements only are available in Sweden, so that all supporters know how things are going.

Whey is technically speaking not a supplement, but food. Either way the new bags are very aesthetically pleasing, if I may be so bold as to point this out. Buying all of them at once came at a cost (that would have been too high a year ago), but in the long run they are cheaper than having the previous stickers on, they are also more time efficient since we don’t have to stick them onto the bags ourselves. By we I mean my wife and I. It was not the worst thing to do, applying stickers to bags, it was quite meditative to be honest. But very time consuming nonetheless and now that time can be spent doing other things.

Furthermore, in regard to taking a small step in a more minimalist and environmentalist direction the bags now contain less material (as the design is directly on the bags). Also, I decided to omit the plastic scoops from the bags. This did not give me a lower price on the whey, but it feels better for the soul. Also, minimising the use of plastic is always good.

Moreover, we made some small alterations to the whey recipe (starting with the chocolate) making it contain more natural ingredients, nothing major, just some small tweaks to it. I am more experienced and knowledgeable now than when I started so I am more confident in implementing changes.

We also added collagen to our range. This is to compensate for the lack of bone-broth in our modern diet. My wife makes soup with bone-broth quite often but I have started taking collagen on a daily basis anyway to optimise my skin health and recovery. In short, collagen is good for your ligaments and skin (among other things). Training hard on a regular basis depletes your collagen so it is good to supplement with it, sun exposure also depletes the collagen stores so during summer it might also be a good idea to take some extra, either via a supplement or via eating additional bone-broth. Collagen also contains glycine, which can aid your sleep.

This particular formula also contains some vitamin-c and magnesium. This is to make it more into a training and recovery powder and not just a pure beauty and ligament one. I drink the collagen (one scoop) together with EAA Jordgubb (strawberry – one scoop) in warm water (it mixes better in warm water).

Moreover, in regard to Jotunheim Nutrition, I added a package called Stora Muskelbyggarpaketet (The Big Musclebuilding Package). This is a discounted package that optimises the storage in regard to delivery, which means it is filled with as many products as possible for a particular shipping price. Shipping costs in Sweden are horrendous so it is good to optimise such things.

Lastly, a note on the web-browser Brave. I have used it for about six months now and can recommend it. I switched from Chrome in an effort to use fewer Google services. A kind-hearted light on Twitter encouraged me to investigate Brave BAT, which I did. I am still learning more about it but I signed up as a content creator and got two referral codes, one for Twitter and one for YouTube. If you decide to switch to Brave, you can support me by using any of the links below.

Brave Twitter:

Brave YouTube:

I will talk more about this and operational security online and crypto-currency in a coming video. Speaking of crypto, I have added addresses on the support page.

Also, if you haven’t already followed me on Telegram, do so now for more frequent updates:

If you have read this far I salute you and wish you a great week ahead!

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