Legio Gloria Releases March 2020. Also a Note on Quarantine Training

A few months ago, or even a few weeks ago, I had no idea that the Covid-19 crisis would reach this level of intensity. It seems like nothing else is on the mind of people, which is understandable. That being said life goes on and the quest for glory and enlightenment must also go on. Even though many gyms and martial arts clubs have closed for the foreseeable future this cannot stop our training. If you have access to a place to run you can do so. Cardio does not kill gains and is great for your heart and mind. If you really do not like LISS (low intensity steady state cardio), i.e. running, you can do HIIT (high intensity interval training) instead, i.e. sprints. If you have a home gym or at least some weights at home you are even better off. Moreover, you can also do shadow boxing (a great exercise to reinforce your movement patterns). If you have the luxury of having a heavy bag at home you can do the following work-out I posted to YouTube: Isolation Heavybag Session.

Either way, make sure to not stop training. And also make sure to read a lot if you are stuck inside. Make the most out of the situation.

On another note, we have two new additions to the Legio Gloria clothing line. First and foremost Handsome Shorts in a new colour, namely forest green. The Handsome Shorts have been with us since 2017. Usually clothing companies like to update their entire collection season to season, but I see no reason to change a winning concept just for the sake of it. I like the Handsome Shorts and everyone else also likes the Handsome Shorts, so I have kept the formula. In this case, just adding a new colour and restocking the other colours. Squatting in a pair of Handsome Shorts is mandatory for all high-thumos men, just as reading Dauntless is mandatory.

The second release is the Piratical Brotherhood Sleeveless Hoodie. It is basically the same in its style to the Saturnus’ Meditation Garment (navy) and Galadriel’s Blessing (green) except that the zipper is smaller, I deemed it to be unnecessarily big (which got in the way in some exercises).

The purpose of a sleeveless hoodie is twofold. First and foremost it looks aesthetic, you want to evoke the feeling of a zealous disciple of the iron, a cultist of enlightenment. I have said it many times before and I say it again. When you train in the gym you have an opportunity to envision yourself as something higher, even if you are just starting out. Making it into something epic increases the chances of success (and it is more fun than doing it as a mundane chore).

Secondly, in terms of practicality, a sleeveless hoodie is useful when training in the gym. They keep the warmth of the torso yet let the armpits breathe. Moreover, they provide a sturdier base than a stringer or tanktop when it comes to certain exercises in the gym – such as benchpress or dumbbellpress. You can of course also admire your arm musculature in one!

On a last note, in regard to Jotunheim Nutrition for my Swedish supporters. Magnesium has been restocked. The container has a new design and now contains 114 caps instead of 90 (as was the case with the previous container). The price is the same though, so more product for the same price for my loyal customers.

You can order the new garments here: https://legiogloria.com/

If you are stuck inside wanting something to read you can also check out Free Speech Library: https://freespeechlibrary.com/
I recommend Piero San Giorgio’s new book CBRN (I will make a book review video on it later on). You can also get Dauntless at this webshop.

If you are in Sweden you can stock up on magnesium, and of course the best whey, here: https://jotunheimnutrition.com/

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