The Post That Got My Instagram Removed

Below is the post I believe was the one that made Instagram remove my account. I have no solid proof of who might have ordered the removal, but a good guess would be someone in the Swedish regime.

If you read the post you will note that I disavow political violence. This delegitimises the narrative the Swedish regime is trying so hard to present. Last year, they ordered a report by Magnus Ranstorp (and others), which I responded to here:

Their narrative: “right-wing extremists” are promoting violence, so therefore we must deplatform them. The opposite is, of course, true: political dissidents are exposing their evil (for lack of a more accurate term), so we must deplatform them before they expose us to too many people.

Sweden has an election 2022. The entire regime is afraid of losing power. This is especially true for the current reigning party, the Social Democrats.

Their hope is that they can continue banning everyone in opposition to them. This is not limited to Sweden, but a trend seen in all of the so called liberal democracies of the West.

Posted to my Instagram account @thegloriouslion on the 14th of January 2021:


This is a statement to everyone.

I have said this before, and I will say it again.

May the few journalists of honour and integrity report this truth:

I have, on numerous occasions, said that I am against political violence. Now I am saying it again.


Because it only ever gives the powers that be an excuse for more censorship. They are not afraid of some small level violence. They are afraid of the truth being spoken. They are afraid of information being accessible to the people. They are afraid of being exposed as the corrupt degenerates they are.

In fact (I have stated this on numerous occasions as well), many establishment types are desperately hoping for even the slightest sign of physical aggression by populist/nationalist forces. That will reinforce their fantasy of a ‘right-wing threat’.

The threat to their power is there. But is comes in the shape of freedom of speech, not in the shape of political violence.

Basic military strategy: attack the enemy where he is weak. Do not attack the enemy where he is at his strongest.

Where is the establishment weak? In ideas and truth. We have the truth on our side.

Where is the establishment strong?
In violence (police + military etc.).

Lastly, I am coming in ready to fight any type of fight. Had I believed I could have done something more effectively, I would have done so.”

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