Angel’s Triumph – Symbolism and Networking


New releases for Legio Gloria. This article will explain the thoughts behind the new design. Moreover, I just sent out a Legio Gloria newsletter. Signing up for that newsletter is the best way to stay updated on the clothing.

The Angel’s Triumph – T-Shirt design symbolises the triumph of good versus evil, which is a common theme in human myth. We live in an age where demonic forces, for lack of a better description, are on the rise. Talking about demonic forces might sound a bit too dramatic, but the further along the path of enlightenment you have travelled, the truer this statement will sound.

The washing instruction for the t-shirt (picture at the bottom of the article) includes a ‘No-Communism’ sign. I thought it was a nice touch that fitted the theme of the design. The angel on the hoodie is the same as on the t-shirt, but in gold, matching the Legio Gloria emblem embroidery on the front. Burgundy and gold go well together, aesthetically speaking.

Moreover, in my previous Legio Gloria newsletter, I wrote the following about the Theseus’ MMA Shorts: Theseus is a classical Hellenic hero, and the Minotaur is a high testosterone beast. As with all Legio Gloria designs, this is meant to inspire you to set a high pace in your given endeavour. Perhaps you are sparring, or rolling, against a larger and more experienced opponent, then envision yourself as Theseus fighting the Minotaur. Preparing for some heavy deadlifts in the gym? Envision the Primordial Beast coming to you in the shape of a Minotaur, lending you strength.

On another note, something which always makes me happy to hear, is when guys have recognised like-minded individuals in public when wearing Legio Gloria clothing. I have heard similar stories about Jotunheim Nutrition shakers in gyms in Sweden.

When designing clothes there are many different choices to be made. One such choice is whether to go with a discreet design or a design that is more eye-catching. The more eye-catching ones serve a good purpose in that they are easily recognisable, making it easier to recognise a potential friend. Another reason is, of course, to serve as motivation for the wearer. Looking yourself in the mirror whilst wearing a certain garment is supposed to give you additional strength (as explained above).

A note on the t-shirt. The reason for not going with regular or organic cotton for the new t-shirt, as for the other t-shirts, is so that the design itself is inside the cloth, as opposed to on top of it. Simply put, the design would not have been possible with another material. Speaking of which, it is very soft and comfortable. Coming t-shirts will be in organic cotton though, as will coming poloshirts.

That being said, I wish everyone a high energy and productive week ahead. And don’t forget to check in on Gab (and follow me there: @TheGoldenOne) next Friday for the weekly Fizeek Friday. It is highly motivating.

Lastly, if you see this, I salute you. Taking the time to read an article, instead of just mindlessly scrolling, is a sign of a disciplined mind.

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