The Great Legio Gloria Summer Release

Behold! The greatest Legio Gloria release to date. There are many new garments, so let’s get straight into it. The one you see above is one that has been in the making for a long time. The Celestial Blue Men’s Shirt is a classic shirt that fits most occasions, either on its own or together with a blazer. The cut is fitted.

All new releases are proudly made in Poland. Moreover, as I have mentioned before, these new releases have been made possible by the success of previous releases. So, I want to aim a shout-out to all loyal Legio Gloria enjoyers!

Celestial Blue Men’s Shirt

Polo Shirts in Organic Cotton

These two classics are back, Burgundy Polo Shirt and Imperial Polo Shirt. This time in organic cotton and with a cut that is more spacious around the shoulders. Most Legio Gloria guys like their shoulder-presses, so the new cut was necessary! Note: organic cotton is a quite sensitive fabric, so make sure to not wash them in a higher temperature than 30 degrees Celsius.

Thor and Jörmungand – Swimming Shorts

The iconic clash between Thor and Jörmungand – the Midgard Serpent – from Nordic mythology. I asked my designer, Paszkal to simply make an epic artwork that suited a pair of swimming shorts. The result is highly epic in my humble opinion. These fit like regular swimming shorts, and have a cut at the side for better flexibility. I am looking forward to seeing many aesthetic physique posts in these!

Gym Tanktops + Belt Bag

Lacedaemon’s Fitted Tanktop

Lacedaemon’s Fitted Tanktop has the same cut as Saturnus’ Fitted Tanktop (the navy version). This model is an altered version of one of the oldest Legio Gloria garments (dating back to 2017).
Lacedaemon was a mythical king of Laconia and son of Zeus in Greek mythology. He was the father of King Amyclas of Sparta and Queen Eurydice of Argos.

Odin’s Berserker- Tanktop

Odin’s Berserker- Tanktop also has the same cut, but with a different design.
The symbol is inspired by the Vendel-era Torslunda helmet, which was found on the Swedish island Öland (located in the sacred Baltic Sea).The runes say Legio Gloria.

The Belt Bag of the Ages is a completely new item to the webshop. Belt bags have been requested, and I have wanted one myself (for having when the pockets are not enough). The design is beautiful in its simplicity – black with a golden embroidery.

Gundobad’s Burgundy Sweater

As seen in my latest Gains Kitchen video, a burgundy sweater is now included in the collection. 
Gundobad (452 – 516 AD) was king of the Burgundians, hence the name! 

All new releases are available here:

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