Statement on the Legio Gloria Instagram Removal

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Yesterday, to our horror, the Legio Gloria Instagram account was removed – just as with my personal account, no warning or reason was given.

Since January, I did not even run the Legio Gloria account myself, and the account only featured clothing and supporters wearing Legio Gloria clothes. Being attacked on a financial level is vile in a special way, but I have come to expect nothing less from the honour-less regime.

The sight of so many good-looking, healthy, young European men must really have made their blood boil – remember, as I have said before, they want you to be docile and submissive slaves, I want you to be forces of nature. This is what was being presented on the Legio Gloria account, completely unpolitical, yet a message that goes completely against their designs.

What is next?

With or without an Instagram account, Legio Gloria will continue its ascent. We just had a great release of various garments (which can be seen here: Legio Gloria New Releases), and we have more high quality garments incoming. This will be the subject for another article, but here is a hint of things to come:

  • Wool garments
  • Underwear in organic cotton (loose fitting)
  • More shirts and polo shirts
  • Garments containing silk
  • More t-shirts and hoodies with new designs

Stay tuned! Big things to come. The Primordial Beast demands organic clothing!

A last note

To end with a positive note, a Flemish friend just sent me a picture of one of his best friends proposing to his girlfriend (she said yes) whilst wearing the Celestial Blue Men’s Shirt. It put me in a better mode.

If you are still on Instagram, be sure to follow the back-up account:

We are currently looking for a reasonable alternative to Instagram (i.e. a photography based platform).

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