The Wild Hunt Challenge – August 2021

Step 1 – Athletic

Choose one:

  1. Start training MMA, BJJ, or any other grappling-oriented sport.
  2. Set a new personal record in chins (chin-ups).

All your friends must learn the basics of grappling well enough so that you can train in your Männerbund without the need of a club or coach. The optimal scenario is, of course, that you train at a club as well, but sometimes that is a luxury that is not available.

If you do not have access to a martial arts club, train hard outdoors instead. Chins and dips are great exercises. Thus, you should not lament the inability to train in a gym. Make the most out of the situation and set a new record in chins instead!

Here is a quote from the passage I mentioned in the video:

You have no idea how good-looking he was, both above the neck and below. A body like a statue by Phidias, a regular Apollo – he took your breath away! Strutting around here naked every day, challenging all the boys to wrestle him, celebrating his wins by quoting Homer.

Steven Saylor – A Gladiator Dies Only Once

Perhaps you should not necessarily strut around naked, but you should endeavour to perfect your physique, train wrestling, and to be able to quote Homer. Be a Cultured Thug!

Step 2 and 3 – Books and Physique Post

Read a book.

Post physique to Gab the last Friday each month. Simply post a physique picture – preferably in nature, and preferably wearing Legio Gloria clothing – tag with #FizeekFriday. For this particular Wild Hunt Challenge, the date is the 27th of August. Be sure to follow me on Gab as well:

In your physique post, write a few thoughts about the book you have read. It doesn’t need to be anything long, just a few thoughts and whether you can recommend it to the other participants. If you find some epic quote, you can include that in the post as well.

Step 4 – Read My Book Reviews

There are currently seven book reviews available on this site. You can read them here:

If you don’t, you are a horrible person!

Step 5 – Get on Telegram

Install Telegram directly from their page: (I use Telegram both on my phone and computer). Installing it directly from their page instead of downloading it from the app stores will allow you to see channels that Apple and Google censor.

Invite one friend, whom you are currently communicating with on Facebook, to Telegram, and keep your ongoing conversation there instead. Facebook is out of control in terms of censorship. I got my Facebook fanpage (22 000 followers) removed (without warning or reason) a while back, and Survive the Jive also got his two fanpages removed a week ago. They even removed his and his wife’s personal accounts.

Also, follow my Telegram channel:

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