August Legio Gloria Releases


I celebrate my birthday (turning 32) by announcing the latest Legio Gloria releases. It feels especially good to have the release on a special day!
As with basically all products, be they Legio Gloria or Jotunheim Nutrition, I first ask myself: what do I want? Then I work towards it. This is the result: New Releases


White Fleur-de-lis – T-Shirt 

The Royal Fleur-de-lis – T-Shirt was a success, so I wanted to release a similar design. The reason for going with white this time is due to the dying process – this particular design works better on white. The navy of the previous design did not keep its colour as well when washed in higher temperatures. It is still one of my favourite garments, but I wanted to optimise the design, and this combination turned out really well.

Fleur-de-lis Stringer

Made from the same batch of organic cotton, the Fleur-de-lis Stringer works well both inside and outside the gym. I am wearing an XL in the pictures, but an L would serve me better (since most of the cloth of a stringer is in the lower part). Accompanying the outfit is the Belt Bag of the Ages.


Black Questing Shorts

Handsome in a plain way. The previous version of the Handsome Shorts, although well-loved, needed an update. These are made in the same way as the Questing Handsome Shorts – Navy that were released earlier this year. 100% cotton and a bit more durable than the previous version.


Athena’s Athletic Tanktop

The Athena’s Athletic Tanktop is an organic cotton version of Imladris Athletic Tanktop.
Spacious around the shoulders, it is supremely comfortable and allows for unrestricted movements. The difference between a tanktop and a stringer (by my definition), the amount of material over the chest – a tanktop covers more, whereas a stringer covers less. 
In regard to the name, I decided to honour the ancient city-state Athens, hence the description:

Channel the power of ancient Athenian heroes, Theseus and Themistocles, among others, to fuel your ascent to glory.

Themistocles is one of the greatest heroes of Mother Europa (I will talk more about his life in a coming Podcast episode).


Myrmidon’s Gym Shorts

These are made in the same way as the Epona’s Gym Shorts.
Whereas the green of the Epona’s Gym Shorts made me think of Gaul, so did the black of the Myrmidon’s Gym Shorts make me think of Achilles – hence the name (the Myrmidons were the men Achilles led into battle).

All new releases are available here:

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