Patreon Removed My Account

Patreon just removed my account – I have supposedly not adhered to their ‘community guidelines’. I have asked them to supply evidence of when and where this happened.

I am not expecting an answer though. And, being honest, we all know what is going on here. It is always the same story. You can watch this video: Why They Hate Me, and read this article: Statement on the Legio Gloria Instagram Removal for further context.

I get censored for who I am, not for anything in particular I say.

This is a heavy blow (it directly impacts my ability to supply for my family – which tells you quite a bit about the people who work against us).

🎙The Greatest Podcast will thus no longer be available on Patreon. However, it is available on SubscribeStar (the same is true for the Physique Manufactorum).

Am I down and demoralised? Not at all, this only shows that my work has effect. In fact, I will increase the uploading frequency of the Greatest Podcast. My initial plan was to make one episode a month, but going forward it will be more often.

Adversity only strengthens my resolve.

I am extremely appreciative of everyone signing up to continue subscribing to the Podcast.

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