New Legio Gloria Releases – Underwear and Gothic Kings

At long last the Frey’s Organic Cotton Underwear is finally here. Now you can throw away your tight-fitting non-cotton underwear! These have been highly requested, and I have eagerly awaited them myself. Thus, I am happy to finally present them. As with most other garments, I asked myself what I want, I worked towards it, and here we are. Good times!

If you are unsure or between sizes, go with one size larger – it is better to have them a bit looser than a bit tighter. Also, since it is organic cotton, they will shrink a bit if washed in high temperatures.

The new t-shirt design is also close to my own heart. I told my trusted artist, Paszkál of Hungary, about what I wanted, and he delivered an inspiring artwork as always.

Alaric (370–410) and Theodoric (454–526) are among the greatest Gothic kings. Alaric stepped up to the challenge in the darkest hours of his people – leading the Goths from ruin to glory. The Rome that Alaric sacked in 410 was a far cry from the glorious city it had once been, and the spirit that led the Romans to glory had been long gone by this stage. I will elaborate more on this in a Podcast episode dedicated to the Goths and the Western Roman Empire.

Some scholars view Theodoric the Great as a Western Roman emperor in all but name (his title being king). One could thus also argue that he was a true heir of the Roman Empire (hence the laurel in the artwork on the garment).

Another famous Gothic king was also named Theodoric: Theodoric I, who, alongside the Roman general Flavius Aetius, defeated the Scourge of God – Attila the Hun – in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (June 20, 451). Much more about all of these kings can (and, again, will) be said!

The t-shirts are, just as the underwear, made in Poland with 100% organic cotton. The artwork on them is, as always, meant as a source of inspiration for you to become the best that you can be. And, in this case, to step up when the world seems full of darkness.

Since I did not mention this fine belt on this page upon its release, I thought to mention it now. The greatest powerlifting belt in the world. This is the same model as the one you may have seen in my training videos. My belt is from 2014 and is as good as new. It is a bit of an investment, but if you intend to do powerlifting for a long time, it is a great investment to make.

On a last note, I have received a few questions regarding the linen garments. I am happy to announce that a great release of numerous linen garments will be upon us in early May! The new releases are available here:

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