Never Accept Weakness


Most of this will be familiar to those of you who has followed my teachings for a longer period of time. However, I just realised how I can formulate my views in a single sentence: Never Accept Weakness.
As I have repeatedly stated, I was never out to put anyone down. Putting others down in order to make yourself feel better is the sign of a true beta, negativity is detrimental towards your own glory.
I have not aimed critique at the fat acceptance crowd because I want someone to make fun of. It is merely because I know for a fact that they would feel better by living better. I do not accept that they are weak and low of life, because I know they could strive higher and in doing so feel life as it is intended.
I do not aim critique against low testosterone men to show how good I am myself. I do it because I know that as a man you will feel so much better by deadlifting to Amom Amarth than watching My Little Pony.
One of the highest sources of pleasure in my life right now is when I get messages from guys saying that I have inspired them to strive higher, to feel more alive, to break the apathy and embrace the journey towards becoming stronger, wiser and more confident. My pleasure does not derive from putting people down, because I am not a mean person.
However, when people who are weak try to drag others down into their own weakness, whether it be degenerate subcultures, alcohol, drugs, obesity etc I will voice dissent because I don’t have to accept weakness. Weakness is egoistic. Weakness in the tribe must be eliminated. Does the elimination consist of getting rid of the weak individuals? No, it consists of getting rid of the weakness within the individual, to the benefit of all.


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