Sunday Summary


This week has been rather uneventful in terms of training, I have not really performed at all, the majority of my energy has gone into writing instead, I have produced some quality works. Every article or (longer) Facebook post is not only a matter of typing in the letters. My thoughts have been developed over a very long period of time. As it is right now I feel that they don’t reach out to very many, but that is life, who doesn’t want to have a larger reach? Either way, to feel defeatist attitudes is beta, so the mindset I go about my business is that I could die any day and that every post and video will be my last chance to spread the words of wisdom, which the end goal of obviously is to bring destruction to the multicultural hell-project implemented in Europe. Sweden is intellectually very far down the path of degeneracy. If I can be the epic hero to slay that monster my life is complete. That is why I keep at it even when it feels like no one cares. It would actually be a rather be a good thing if I died because then I would become much more famous and more people would read my articles and watch my videos.
Either way, the point with this post was not to elaborate on my death but rather how I motivate myself to strive for perfection and to never break of my tempo of getting my aesthetics out there!
A note on the word aesthetics. When I say aesthetics it doesn’t mean physique. Aesthetics means the whole image, so for example if I say Hellenic aesthetics I mean that I look like Achilles or Hector, not only in terms with physique but also in other aspects, such as hair, helmets, poses, clothes etc. You can also use aesthetics to describe words and names. Legio Gloria and Marcus Latissimus Maximus are both distinctly Romanesque. Below are two pictures. The first one: Hellenic aesthetics, the second one, Roman (not as prevalent due to the lack of attire) but includes the Roman salute. The aesthetics of the first picture is actually not purely Hellenic, the oak is more associated with the Celtic or Germanic tradition. This was intentional when I made the picture to tie it all in together in a larger European context.
I will elaborate on aesthetics later on as well, but to keep it in a two words, strength and wisdom.


Now a new week awaits, which can only mean total dedication towards myself. Summer is fast approaching and I have to bring my best physique to date. As I have said before my strength and fire is waxing until it reaches its climax at Midsummer where I am at my very best. And with best I mean that my fire is burning brightest, and in my mind I am invincible.


Lastly I also had the great honour of being invited as a regular contributor to MotPol which is a prominent page for identitarians and nationalists. This was a sign of recognition of me as an intellectual force and I am obviously very elated.
Also, I am ever nearing the magic 10 000 subscribers on YouTube. When I hit that it will hands down be the greatest achievement of my life. Not because I am the first one to hit 10 000 subscribers but because how I’ve done it, totally true to myself and to my ideals. Alas that will also have to be elaborated on at a later time.
I wish you all a productive and fulfilling week ahead. No rest, no retreat!

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