Why I Can’t Guarantee Quick Results

The reason I cannot guarantee quick results is simple. Because changing your body takes time. Losing fat in a healthy and a sustainable way takes time, effort and consistency. Sure, I could write schedules that get people shredded in a relatively short period of time, and it will work, for a very limited amount of time. A lot of coaches and trainers utilise this approach, fast results which then later on can be used to market their methods. What is more interesting however is how these individuals fare a few months after the crash diet is completed. A good example of this is the popular show Biggest Loser, where a lot of participants go on an completely unsustainable diet which works wonder to lose fat in the short term, but does not manage to keep it off in the long run. A lot of coaches work in the same way and in an industry such as the fitness industry you can be sure that there are a lot of really incompetent people ready to make a quick profit. A very sure sign they you should probably not work with someone is that they promise ‘fast results’. Fast results are not possible, simple as that, unless you are willing to compromise your health that is. And for me personally there is just not a chance that I put someone on a starvation diet to produce results, and I would obviously never make ‘illegal supplements’ a part of my work (as some people do in order to get those ‘fast results’).
With this said, I cannot promise fast results. However, what I can promise is sustainable results. You embark on a Marathon, not a quick sprint. It would be pointless for me to write a schedule (training or diet) which someone cannot follow.
I realise that this isn’t the smartest marketing concept: To not produce fast results. However, retaining customers beats getting new ones. Also, for me to have an ethos of honestly, I believe, will be beneficial in the long run.
Just for the sake of clarification, fast results can be sustainable in some rare cases, for example if someone is obese with a huge caloric intake, then rapid fat loss and a sustainable diet is actually possible, but those are the exceptions.
Furthermore fast results in regards to general well being can also be obtained via a new diet if you have previously had a bad relationship with food (as in having eaten in a very unhealthy manner).

To conclude. I do not promise fast results, but I do promise sustainable results.

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