Sunday Summary. Paris Attack, Poland’s Based Response. T-Shirts Now Available.

Following the horrific attacks in Paris yesterday, which I covered in this video (, Poland has stated that it will accept no migrants ( This is to be saluted; the Polish politicians, corrupt as they may be in other matters, at least respect the wishes of the Polish people in this regard. The Polish have a different mentality when it comes to the integrity of their nation, this mentality is sprung from a history of constant warfare and aggression from its neighbours. I have great respect for the Polish people’s nationalism and clarity of vision when it comes to these matters. However, with this said, let us be clear with the fact that no migrants actually want to go to Poland; at this stage it is painfully obvious even to the most indoctrinated leftist that this is not a case of refugees but rather seekers of luxury. An overwhelming majority of them are young men (well dressed and with the latest mobile phones) looking for benefits in Sweden and Germany. They know that they will get no such treatment in Poland, and it is only just and fair that the state of Poland should focus on its own population first hand, not to cater to the whims and wishes of invading young men.


To elaborate further on the horrific attacks in Paris; something that I think bears closer analyses is the long term effect of the French Revolution. When I was but a mere apprentice of the deeper machinations of the decline of the West I once read an article decrying the French Revolution and stating it as the beginning of the end. I could not fathom why at the moment. Alas as I’ve delved deeper into the subject a lot of it makes sense. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate plenty of things coming out of the Revolution, most notably the correct measurement system (i.e. measuring in centimetres and kilograms instead of outdated inches and pounds). However, some of the other ideas that came with it,  “liberty, equality, fraternity”, most notably equality is today the monster that is wreaking chaos and mayhem in Mother Evropa. Equality is a very dangerous lie that must be combated at all costs. The foolish notion that we are all one (brotherhood), and all equal is a poisonous concoction that has Western Europe in a hellish fever.
However, to be fair on the French Revolution, the misconception of the equality of mankind begun with Christianity, which I talked about in this video: (


Now onto other updates, perhaps not as epic in their significance, but joyous at least!
My glorious garments (which I have been promising for ages now) are hereby available at: (
I will integrate the store onto this page but I still have some technical knowledge gains to perform before that is the case! Moreover I will make an announcement video tomorrow declaring the garments to be available in addition to elaborating on the official rules for wearing them. To give a short summary of that; it is a philosophical statement of strength and pride, not a political one per se. However, due to the philosophical statement being made, certain political beliefs are incompatible with wearing my garments. Long story short: Don’t be a beta leftist!


EDIT: The shipping is still something I must investigate further. As is always the case nothing is easy :-(. Oh well, at least what is written below is how it is intended to be!

Furthermore regarding the garments. They are being shipped from the United States, they are also made there, which is nice (as opposed to some sweat-shop in God knows where). The international shipping is at the moment unfortunately rather steep though. Below is a matrix for the shipping costs:


EDIT: Due to blasphemous amounts of technicalities the shipping is now set to 8 Dollars per item.

Obviously this is just the start. I will, as with all things, look at improving this in the coming time!

Regarding the cloth itself, it is highly glorious, sleeves are tight on the guns. A good fit for looking joocey. However, they are quite long in the sizes, so go with a smaller size than usual (I have both large and extra large and I prefer the large ones).



Lastly, a beard update is in order. I haven’t shaved for about 3 weeks now, which leaves me well beyond the Witcher stubble, but I haven’t yet reached the gloriousness of Boromir’s beard. So I am caught in the purgatory of ingloriousness and I look forward to when the beard becomes more solid. I am not participating in the traditional No-Shave November, but am rather entering the Winter mode. When spring comes again I will shave the beard and re-assume my Elven ways!

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