Getting back into your gym routine after a minor break

You will eventually find yourself in a situation where your ordinary gym routine has been interrupted for whatever reason, maybe you have been temporarily struck down by Nurgle (that is Warhammer speech for sick), or you have been away for a holiday etc. No matter the reason for your temporary absence from the blessed Temple of Iron getting back into your schedule does not have to be that hard, even though you will feel weak and out of sync with your body!
I would not recommend that you go straight back into your schedule where you left off. The reason for this is simple, as stated above chances are quite high that you will feel weak, and if you feel weak your body will not be ready to perform at the very best of its abilities, which will be required if you follow a well formulated training schedule.

What you can do instead is that you do a full body lighter session using high repetitions. To take myself and today’s session as an example (following not lifting for five days) I did three exercises on a light weight; benchpress, sealrows and squats (that is an upperbody pushing movement, a pulling movement and then finally a leg movement). This served as a warm-up of sorts for the coming week. A way to ease into the heavy lifting again!


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