New Releases at Jotunheim Nutrition

Before elaborating on the new products I will answer a question that might come up: why write in English if we currently only sell to Sweden? It is because I don’t want to exclude my long-time followers from my various endeavours (and the overwhelming majority of my followers are not Swedish speakers). Moreover, it is not only about the products, I always try to bestow some knowledge and wisdom whenever I write an article or make a video. Lastly, I am still looking at shipping options for special packages (containing vitamins, EAA, creatine and shakers, in addition to a coming PWO-product) that can be sold to other European Union countries.

First among the new releases is this new shaker. It is just like the Valknut Shaker made out of non-toxic plastic (BPA & DEHP-free). It is made in Hungary – which together with Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia make up the Visegrád Group. The Visegrád Group is a bastion of light and reason in an otherwise anti-European EU. There are Hungarians who like to aim criticism against Viktor Orbán, and of course no man is perfect, but I think we can all agree that it is preferable to have a leader who does not work relentlessly to replace his own people.
That being said, the shaker is being sold together with magnesium, which is a supplement that is highly recommended when training hard, if you start experiencing fatigue (not primarily in training but in your everyday life) it might be due to a lack of magnesium. The reason they are sold together (the same reason goes for the Valknut Shaker and zinc) is that it makes more sense in terms of shipping to sell them together.

The next release is another EAA flavour. We aimed for a peach ice-tea style for this product and it turned out really well. It is, just like the Amino-Cola one sweetened with sucralose. For those who prefer stevia as sweetener we do have the EAA – Citrus. However, it bears mentioning that the citrus amino acids do not share the same divine taste as the cola and peach ones (it is still good though – just not as good).

Since the chocolate whey was so popular I thought the only reasonable course of action was to expand the sortiment of whey with another flavour. It tastes similar to the chocolate one but with a touch of orange. Also, for those who prefer whey with stevia we have restocked the popular Whey 80 – Banana. Furthermore, a note on the use of aspartame, I consume it myself and have done so for many years. The reason for this is beautiful in its simplicity, I have concluded it to be safe in moderate amounts, you can read more about research on aspartame here: This being said you can opt for the banana whey should you feel more comfortable with not consuming aspartame, the choice is yours.

Vitamin D3 is a supplement I have always spoken warmly of. The reason it was not among the first releases was simply due to the fact that it was summer then (supplementing with vitamin D3 is redundant if you get enough sunlight).

In regard to the coming PWO-product it will be out in about two months or so. I will be quite clear that it is only supposed to be taken once a month – every full moon to be more precise. I do not recommend using PWO-products prior to every session, I rarely use them myself (the same goes for energy drinks) a few of each every year on certain occasions. The best pre-work out – or rather the best preparations for a good session consists of getting in an adequate amount of sleep and adhering to a good diet.

Lastly, and this is for all Swedish gentlemen in Uppland – head over to our Instagram account for an announcement of a glorious activity taking place next week.

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