Season Pack of the Ages for Jotunheim Nutrition

The long awaited Season Pack of the Ages is finally at hand. The long wait was due to the fact that we had to figure out a reasonable solution in terms of shipping and packaging.

This package is available in the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom. The availability is dependant upon the shipping cost and various toll regulations, for this reason Norway had to be excluded from the list (it saddens me but such is life). It is also available in Sweden, but Swedish customers may add other items as well (and the products can be ordered separately).

The Season Pack of the Ages contains the following products:

1st. Creatine Monohydrate
1st. EAA: Amino-Cola
1st. Zinc of the Ancients
2st. Magnesium of Eternal Vigour
1st. Vitamin D3

This is the only product that can be ordered to non-Swedish destinations. I know shakers are in high demand but due to their size (size is more of a factor than weight in this case) the shipping will become unreasonable and I simply do not want to charge that heavy a shipping fee (the shipping fee would be similar in price to a Legio Gloria t-shirt). If things run as they should, non-Swedish addresses can only order this product. However, if for whatever reason, it should be possible to add other items to the cart; don’t do it, the order will be refunded. The box is filled to the brim with the products mentioned above – so any other products cannot be included.

The point with a Season Pack of the Ages is to invest in a stock of minerals that will last you a bit longer. The first batch is limited to 50 packages, and after that we will see how it goes and look at further options, a coming option that I can think of is to have a Season Pack full of EAAs since these are so very good (not the citrus flavour though, that is merely decent), but we will see how this works out first.

Moreover, I get the question every time I post about Jotunheim Nutrition; when will the products be available in Vinland, the New World? The answer is that I do not know. The only reasonable course of action in this regard is to set up both production and distribution in the United States, and it will probably be a while until that happens, especially considering so many other things are happening personally at the moment – all joyous, but time consuming, things. Although it is hard to give an estimation of time, I hope to make some progress within the coming year.

Lastly, to answer some questions in regard to the garments. The Lionheart Shorts will be back in stock in about two weeks accompanied by a new hoodie design and a new tanktop design. The MMA-shorts will arrive in approximately three weeks. The Handsome Shorts: Mark III will be back later in the spring. The Caledor Gym Tank will also be back later in the spring, but with a new design in the front.

If you have read this far I wish you a productive and joyous week ahead. Spring is officially here so make sure to set the pace high with the training.

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