A note on the supplement industry and Swedish food quality

This is a clarification for anyone wondering about the supplement industry. First and foremost it must be clarified that Jotunheim Nutrition has the adequate certificates to guarantee clean and safe products (the ones in the picture above are the ones I have put on the products). Since I am consuming all of the products myself I want to ensure a high quality. I will also say that the Swedish food industry (including the supplement industry) is generally speaking quite a bit better than other countries. Sweden has many problems, but a high standard of food is not one. For example, compared to the more liberal American food market the Swedish one is heavily regulated (which in this case is good). This applies for supplements as well. Moreover, since Sweden also places high demands upon ethical treatment of animals it means that Swedish cows are happier and healthier, which in turn grants healthier dairy products (whey included). Having grown up in the country-side myself, I can comment on their living conditions; i.e. seeing them grazing in their pastures, which is far removed from the outright heinous conditions the factory-farm cows live under. I don’t know which whey products to recommend in markets outside of Sweden but I do suggest you do some research and see if you can trace the origins of the dairy; optimally they will come from a farm that practices ethical treatment. Lastly, a note on whey itself – it is simply a high protein dairy product (so not a supplement but food).


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