The Wild Hunt Challenge – March 2021 – Mindpower and Initiative

Here are the instructions for The Wild Hunt Challenge – Mindpower and Initiative (video).

  1. The first step is to sign up to Odysee and subscribe to my channel:$/invite/@thegoldenone:a (the video is also available there).
    An easy first step! Key point: don’t be a passive consumer of content, be proactive.
  2. Make the following commitment to yourself: for the duration of this month, get into the habit of watching entire videos, instead of just watching a few minutes here and there. This is to train your attention span and in order for you to value the time you invest in watching content.
  3. This step is optional. Sign up to Gab 🐸 and post physique on all four Fridays of this month. Bonus points if you take picture in nature and additional bonus points if you are wearing Legio Gloria clothing. Tag with #FizeekFriday, you can also tag me in your posts:
  4. Read one book. Fiction or non-fiction. Reading books is a great way to train your capacity for attention, you can view it as an anti-dote to the mindless scrolling of social media. You can also, and this is optional, post an epic quote or share some valuable insights from the book you are reading to Gab or Minds (you can tag me there so I see it).
  5. Train at least one martial art session this month. To not train any martial art during the month of the war god is sacrilegious!

Lastly, in case you aren’t already following me on Telegram, I encourage you to do so; it is my main platform at the moment:


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