Sunday Summary


It has been an eventful week! First and foremost I finally hit 10 000 subscribers on YouTube which was perfectly timed, it was just the case that I had lost hope in humanity, as I said before it can be really discouraging when other, unworthy individuals have far larger reaches than myself, however, as I have also stated, deeming from the level of intellectual response and support I get from my true friends I can honestly say that I made the right choice in going for the higher path than stooping to bread and games. Speaking of really large YouTube channels, the King of YouTube (at least on our side of it), Elliot Hulse made his return to his channel in the week. Our main man Infinite Elgintensity delivered unto him a fatal blow last May and he could not really respond in a very articulate way, you can Google “the Slaying of King Elliot” for the story. Elliot appeals to a very large reach, and indeed many things he is saying isn’t very well backed up and he can get a bit out of touch with reality. With this said there are worse guys out there and I actually respect him, as much as I genuinely feel that I should have more subscribers in relation to him.
Today’s video was on him, you can check it out here:


In other news I feel that an update on the Beard of Magnificence might be in order, even though it is by no accounts worthy of a wizard of mighty Viking chieftain I actually for the first time in my life looked in the gym mirror the other day and thought it looked good. Otherwise I have just assumed that it would look bad and it doesn’t really suit my overall aesthetics, but for the time being I will keep it. The best thing is that it is so nice to not have to shave. And also, I think I have found the optimal beard, pictures below. That is definitely a look I could strive for when I get a bit older, or go for now actually come to think of it. After all, I don’t really look my 25 years. I possess the youthful appearance of innocence alas the wisdom of the ancients.beard345

Another interesting thing that transpired yesterday was when I posted the following picture featuring an Islamist (there has been ‘Sharia patrols’ in London hence the context) and a native Briton.  briannia

As you can see by the amount of likes the picture was obviously quite popular with my true friends. However, in the comment section there were some really unworthy comments (degrading the native) and I regret to say that it is not surprising in the least that those hateful comments come from other native Britons. A more self-hating people is hard to find. Swedes are often hailed as the most beta of Europeans but I would say that on average a young Swedish guy actually is quite reasonable, however young Swedish men aren’t in charge, but at least they have the Golden One and that’s got to count for something right? (Lord of the Rings reference). With this said it only increases my respect and love for the English patriots that are actually having the courage to stand up for their beliefs. Next to Germans and perhaps Americans they have been the primary target of White guilt which might explain why they tend to make a sport out of hating themselves.
As I commented in the picture also regarding my love for Asians, it is quite simple, they’ve got their shit together so to speak, in addition to being civilized and hard working, fun fact, I have never met an Asian guy I haven’t liked and worked really well with. I might also be biased here since Jet Li was my one true hero in my early teens.
Either way, to any Briton who is reading this, which will probably a nationalistic inclined one, you probably know that I have massive respect for you and your history. The disdain and hate I aim at your countrymen is the exact one I aim at my own countrymen.


And to lastly also give a little update on the training situation. My main man Coffebrah (with the arm in the picture to the right) and I actually sparred yesterday, which felt really good, to top off those glorious feels the sun was out and we also found a really cool place to be in, it looks like a very small amphitheatre, I will film next time we are there (picture from last summer btw, just used it for extra sun feels).
Going too long without having a bit of a fighting/martial element in your life is not healthy, it is like going without training a certain muscle for a long period of time, so this was really needed! Sparring consisted of thaiboxing with gloves, mouthpieces (aesthetics first!), groin guard and leg pads. If you are a group of glorious friends I strongly suggest that you participate in some sort of sparring element.
Lastly, regarding training videos, the gym is very crowded right now, and even though it is a friendly gym where everyone knows each other and are cool with filming etc it is now more a matter of space, I don’t want to disrespect others by putting up my camera in a space they might need to train in. However, in the summer I will be at another gym so I will start making a series then on how to lift! Which will be very fun!
I wish you all a glorious coming week!

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