Sunday Summary. Diet Plan. Facebook and YouTube.

AlphaSwedishBoxerAs you might have noticed I haven’t uploaded a Sunday Summary in a while, which is clearly suboptimal, the reason however, is due to a visit to Germany and then Ireland. Alas with those explanations I will now up the uploading frequency on this glorious page! I will start next week with writing some introductory articles regarding the fundamentals of bodybuilding, strength and nutrition. Witcher13A few words on my diet plans for the coming weeks! I have basically been maintaining a decent form over the last few weeks, now I will get a bit leaner in order to get some more cool photos taken whilst Summer is still here! The plan is quite straight forward. I intend to simply cut down on the traditional unclean food. I know it is an unpopular term to use but what I mean by it is simply things high in fat and high in carbohydrates at the same time. In addition to being a bit stricter I will eat a lot more salad to spice up the food and also help with the satiation. I will experiment with beans in the coming time, as they are both vegan and very satiating (low calories and decent protein).

Since last I wrote one of these summaries I have hit 13 000 subscribers on YouTube and also 7000 on Facebook. What is interesting about this is that I started my Facebook before the YouTube and had that as the main focus for a long time. However, due to Facebook’s somewhat greedy policies it is very hard to grow there unless you are willing to pay for it, which I am not. I want my following as organic as possible. Furthermore not all of my posts on Facebook reaches everyone who likes the page. So to you who reads this and are redirected from Facebook I salute and thank you, you saw my update because you have liked updates and pictures recently, and for that I thank you :-)!
With this said I will probably not get that many more followers on Facebook, this also has to do with the general decline of Facebook as a forum.
On the positive side I hope to reach 15 000 subscribers on YouTube soon enough anyway! Speaking of social media, the picture below is one from my Instagram, where I focus a bit more on training and the lolz/craic.

glor436A few words on my training will end this summary.
Today’s session consisted of 4×4 deadlifts at 200 kg, the warmup to the first set consisted of 5x 70 kg, 5x 120 kg, 3x 170 kg. Contrary to the squats I personally don’t need to warm-up for quite as many sets in the deadlifts!
To top off the session I performed some benchpress 4 sets of 5 repetitions at 130 kg!
Tomorrow I will squat and overhead press! I will also train some MMA in the morning, which will be fun!

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