Sunday Summary. Donald Trump (no one is perfect). Training and Physique Update.

america12I thought to begin this summary by talking just a bit about the upcoming presidential election in America, and let me first elaborate on the US and the Americans. I hate and despise NATO, the extremely subservient role the US has to Israel, and a lot of the degenerate trends that are emanating from there.
With that said I have nothing but love for the Americans and want nothing else than their best. I too want to see America great again, not in the sense that they are roaming around the world causing trouble, but as in having a prosperous economy granting all its citizens a decent living.
As it says in the title, Donald Trump is far from perfect, however, he is not subject to one of the greatest weaknesses of American politics, the corrupt lobbying system, which makes him above and beyond the wishes and whims of certain companies. Don’t get me wrong, he will still be in need of strong allies (Israeli ones among them), however, he will not be beholden to them in the same manner. Furthermore he creates an open debate which is very needed in these dire times of unending political correctness.
The third reason I like him is that he is a successful business man, the US is not in need of some sort of socialist promising everything to everyone. It needs a clear path based on economic realities. A vastly successful businessman will more likely than a socialist dreamer be capable of getting a nation’s economy on the feet again.

Furthermore it is important to not be a constant pessimist and defeatist who can only complain. Yes, Donald is not perfect, but instead of waiting for Prince Charming to come and save you, you might sometimes also have to follow someone else who will bring you closer to the end goal (whatever that might be). It is easy to complain and cry and whine in the manner of a female dog, it is far harder to actually do something yourself. I have experience of both so you can take my word for it.

Lastly, for the record, I am on the American America’s side, not the Israeli America. George Washington: Yes. NATO: No.

formsickAbove is a picture of my current form. I am currently doing a Push-Pull-Legs kind of schedule (training everyday), I have also begun to incorporate a longer walk each day to get a bit leaner. This walk is really wonderful now that the sun has returned! I have begun listening to the Pressure Project ( which is perhaps not on the same intellectual level as some of the Red Ice Radio podcasts ( but makes up for it in passion and some solid wisdom anyhow!
Regarding the training I am focusing on the main three lifts: Benchpress, squats and deadlifts. Each having a separate day and each is accompanied with several assistance movements. Examples of these can be (for deadlifts): rows, Romanian deadlifts etc.
eggs245As for the diet it is nothing spectacular at all. I am keeping it simple and satiating. Above is eggs, soy beans, corn and spinach. Both eggs and spinach are staples in my diet. As of late soy beans have also become a staple as they are filling and nutritious (also feels good to support the vegan cause).
Next week will be another week in the grind, just how I love it!
I wish you all a productive and glorious coming week!

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