Sunday Summary. 15 000 Subscribers. Relocating

20150803_140109Earlier this week I hit the mark of 15 000 subscribers on YouTube. If you go back a few Sunday Summaries I lamented the fact that I hadn’t yet reached 10 000 subscribers (as of then). As it turns out this summer has been quite productive in that regard. I am very happy and elated by this increase in my YouTube reach. Hard and consistent work with the focus on progression does indeed pay off!
And in this writing moment the channel has reached 15 500 subscribers, so 16 000 (and then 20 000) is definitely within reach. back2Also, regarding the rather sporadic uploading tempo both in regards to videos and articles, it has to do with the fact that I am relocating. I have also begun to get a lot more clients which is very awesome indeed. To be able to work with something I am passionate about is something that I will never take for granted.
I am leaving good old Sweden tomorrow so this article will be a bit shorter, but starting next week I will get into a set routine, which means a more regular uploading tempo, I will also start Twitch Streaming at least once a week. Other than that I also have some projects and plans in the making! Good and exciting times are coming up ahead during the Autumn!

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