Sunday Summary. Change in Training Set-up. 17 000 Subscribers

ireland34It is actually not Sunday when writing this but as Sunday Summary sounds catchier than Weekly Summary I will just go with it! I usually take the Sunday to relax a bit more than usual, hence the upload on Monday instead! With that said I have made some alterations to my training schedule. Following a period of heavy squatting I will now switch the focus to deadlifting heavy and squatting (still heavy) but aiming for a bit higher repetition count. I usually do this transition every once in a while as I find it hard to go really heavy on both exercises, especially several times a week. The same reasoning can be applied when it comes to the benchpress in relation to the pushpress. The benchpress has been the focus for quite some time now so the time has come to try to get stronger in the pushpress. I will still bench every other day, however, the difference will merely be in an increased amount of repetitions. I will focus on progressing as usual, but instead of increasing the weight I will look at continuously increasing the amount of repetitions and the pushpress will have to stand for the heavier work (heavier as in lower repetitions).backbrah3556

Regarding the glorious increase in YouTube subscribers (now at 17 100 and counting) I have to give a thanks to BroScience at Facebook for two shout-outs the last time. This means that I have soon doubled the channel this year. And the absolutely wonderful thing with YouTube is that the growth is exponential, which means that the rate of growth is higher now than when I was still lamenting the fact that I hadn’t yet reached 10 000 subscribers.
Furthermore many of you might be aware of the Irish YouTuber Rob Lipsett. I started watching his videos earlier in the year and saw the quality and knew he was going to grow rapidly as well. So I used that as motivation to try to keep on par with him, he has had a better rate of growth the last months than I, however, I am still in the lead in that competition (it is a friendly competition). The reason that I am mentioning this is that when you have someone to compete with you will get a boost in motivation. This can also be applied to the the gym or any given endeavour. The important key, however, is to make sure that the competition strives to improve both participants. The ultimate goal is for you to grow, never to push someone else down!
So with that said, it will be interesting to see who reaches 20 000 subscribers first! He is currently at 16 300 so I have a bit of a head start. Time will tell!

Furthermore regarding YouTube, I will start updating more regarding my training, with more voice-overs and perhaps a few more guides and example session that you can draw inspiration from and so that I can explain my training philosophy when I am doing the training (instead of talking about it).

I wish you all a productive week ahead!

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