Session of Prosperity and Harmony

  1. Deadlifts without straps of belt in order to work on my weaknesses which are the grip and the mid-section. When I go heavier I use both belt and straps in order to progress. However, once in a while I go without to stimulate the muscles that aren’t usually trained.
  2. The irregular chins are for the grip, having a strong grip is always good, no least in regards to martial arts.
  3. Regular chins, still without straps, this is also to work the forearms and the grip a bit more!
  4. High repetitions on the incline dumbbell-press, notice how I try to get a good depth and stretch in the movement, something I do not get when only doing benchpress. Furthermore I am rather weak when doing high repetitions, something I intend to progress in as of the coming time. Lighter, full range of motion dumbbell-presses are an excellent companion to heavy benchpress as they complement each other!
  5. Just playing around with the boxing a bit! The hands were never my strong suit so I am trying to work on that aspect a bit as well!
  6. Front kicks both in order to work on the technique but also to regain some flexibility in the front of the legs. I will make a separate video regarding my mobility work later on!
  7. The posing is from a lovely hike that I commenced with my beloved girl! One of my favourite things to do!
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