Glorious Training for Mother Evropa

  1. Exploring the beautiful countryside with my girl. We are usually out 2-4 hours on each exploration hike, this particular day we were also blessed with some fine weather!
  2. Doing some padwork focusing on kicks before MMA training. I train MMA three times a week, each session is 2,5 hours, where the first hour focused mainly on BJJ and the rest is more oriented towards stand-up and MMA in general.
  3. Weighted pull-ups. Excellent compound movement to hit the lats and biceps. A change I have made is that I no longer use straps in order to further strengthen my grip. Grip strength is always good to have! This was done on a separate day from the MMA (as were the exploration hike).
  4. My girl and I found some logs that looked like a good way to acquire a pump, the sequence where my girl does them is in the latest Gains Kitchen video.
  5. Some light sparring. We did not go too hard since the session was ahead of us.
  6. After the session of MMA I did some additional pad work for additional conditioning and technique training.

Additional comments. My training at the moment is a mixture of lifting and martial arts. I also try to get out exploring in nature as well as part of a well-balanced fitness!
As for the boxing technique I am comfortable enough with the power and flexibility in the kicks. My hands (the boxing) however, is still somewhat lacking, they were never my strong suit. This means that I need to work extra hard on brining them up to speed!
Something that has gotten better as of late though is my conditioning. I feel very comfortable with this despite my 100 kg. A misconception is that you necessarily have to sacrifice a good conditioning for additional muscle mass. It is indeed easier to have a good conditioning when being lighter, but if you train cardio you will get better conditioned, easy as that!

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