Sunday Summary. Page Update. T-Shirt Update. Spotify

I have decided to re-instate the Sunday Summary, alas the day of upload may vary, each weekly summary will be available under the Articles page. I have updated it in order to step up my game overall. And most importantly in order to host my webshop (in anticipation of the coming t-shirts).

Here is a preview of them. I aim at opening the webshop within a week!



These are the first designs, and I am very happy with them; clean and stylish! A good fit as well!

Also, since I get the question every once in a while, here is the link to my Spotify list!

Lastly, an update on my training and nutrition is appropriate, seeing as the Sunday Summary is the best way to give updates regarding this issues. It is very easy for Facebook and Instagram posts to be lost in the metaphysical world of social media!


My training at the moment consists of equal parts MMA and strength training, the MMA sessions are 4 times a week (between 2-2,5 hours) with a lot of focus on the ground game. The lifting is 4-5 times a week, how this adds up is simple: I add some exercises of lifting prior to MMA. Usually these exercises consist of either deadlifts (if the MMA session is more technical) or sealrows (if the MMA session is more intense). On the days where I only lift I keep the full focus on the basic compound movements.

And with those words I encourage you to visit this rather hilarious Tumblr page (thank you to Michael for posting it on my Facebook!)


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