The Physique Online Coaching is Re-Opened

The Physique Online Coaching is Re-Opened. If you are interested in any of the services I recommend you to read the following articles:

Why I Can’t Guarantee Quick Results

Is Online Coaching Worth It?

I will keep the service open until I run out of places, as there are only so many clients I can take on at a time and because I need time to my other endeavours as well. Below are some general guidelines in regard to strength training in case you just need some pointers and not looking for coaching.

  • Focus on the heavy compound movements. Deadlifts, squats, benchpress, militarypress, barbell rows, chins.
  • Focus on progression. In order to grow you need to get progressively stronger. So make sure that you are getting stronger over time.
  • Train each exercise (i.e. the ones listed above) at least twice a week.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep and food to ensure your progression in the Temple of Iron.

Moreover, I have a playlist on my YouTube channel Gym and Physique Knowledge which you can check out for more advice on strength training and fitness.

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