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The Golden Mentality, the Linen of the Gods and Victories

I originally intended to write a release article for the new Aesthetic Men’s Linen Shirt, and while the purpose of this article remains to highlight them I wanted to take this opportunity to expound upon a mind-set that I have found useful when it comes to achieving my goals. It is simply a matter of […]

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Black Friday at Legio Gloria

This is not an attempt at moralising over consumption during Black Friday, it is merely an explanation as to why neither Legio Gloria nor Jotunheim Nutrition has any sales for this day (or for any day for that matter). Black Friday is a symptom of an ultra-commercial culture, which sees consumption for the sake of […]

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November Releases For Legio Gloria

It is my great pleasure to announce the new releases for Legio Gloria and to take this opportunity to elaborate a bit on the company and the philosophy behind it. The philosophy is beautiful in its simplicity. I want the clothes to be the best they can be, I want to aim as high as […]

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