Sunday Summary


This week’s training have been glorious, I just released the following video which combines a session I did with my brother the other week and my session yesterday. Yesterday’s session is at the end of the video and consisted of 3 sets on 230 kg with the repetitions 3, 2, 3. So not a full 3×3 but close enough. My form is constantly under improvement. However, I cannot wait for perfection, if I were to do that I would never get anywhere with anything.

In other news I made some controversial videos last week which I felt had been some time coming. The video I released regarding homosexuality ( attracted some very strange comments. I genuinely cannot understand why some people get so upset if someone is gay. Fun thing here also is that the ones who shout the loudest are often the ones who have something to hide.
On the other hand I got criticism from “the other side” (ie a gay guy) saying that I was a hypocrite for wanting to allow straight people to flaunt their sexuality in the public. Important here is to distinguish between sexuality and sex. Although I am no fan of Christian or Victorian sexual morale (ie that sex is something sinful and bad) I am no great proponent for an overly sexualized society either. Sex is nice and natural and should not be anything shameful but should at the same time not be exactly everywhere (as it currently is in the Western society).
Either way to put my thoughts on homosexuality in a brief sentence: Being gay is totally fine and will always be totally fine in my Sweden, what is not acceptable, however, is to propagate for a sexuality via sex (ie Pride parades etc).


The other video of some controversy was regarding Hitler and WWII ( And I can only lament the level of stupidity some people harbour. Adults who actually believe that a war stems out of pure evil without any other cause than that there is a “right” and “wrong” side. My main point with the video was that we should move on and focus on the future of Europe, not was transpired 70 years ago, and regarding aesthetics, there are a lot of very epic things to display outside of the ideologies of the past century!


Lastly I also want to give a little schedule in regards to my let’s plays. I have been gifted a good amounts of games on Steam, for which I am thoroughly thankful, really heartfelt gifts by true friends ❤ !

Dying Light


Mount and Blade

The Witcher 2

So this week will contain some let’s plays and also some books recommendations! Stay tuned!


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