The Natural Physique

I thought to elaborate on something that comes up once in a while, namely on how I sometimes look very unnatural yet sometimes (as in this picture) look natural.
What everyone has to realise is that bodybuilding/physique/modelling has very much to do with illusions. It is like powerlifting and technique. Yes, to have good lifts you need to be very strong, but you also need good technique, and in bodybuilding you need to bring a lot of mass (in my case a 100 kg) but you also need to be able to present it well, not only via angles, lighting and poses, but also (in my case of a photoshoot) via making good preparations. The picture you are looking at right now is quite far away from the form I would show in a photo session, ie no training for a few days, no pump, not the best diet (not having a Guiness on St.Patrick’s day when in Ireland is sacrilege) etc. How the physique looks can vary greatly over the day as well, depending on a great many factors. The most notable example is probably the famous ‘morning shred’, ie when you are really lean and wake up even leaner or the even more famous ‘the pump’ which is when you look your most massive!
Lighting and tan also plays a huge role (which is why you see all bodybuilders spraytanned as dark as possible).
With all this said, never judge a physique from what you see in pictures, the best way to see how someone really looks is by looking at enough videos or meeting them in real life.

If this had been 1,5 or so years ago I would never have posted this picture, but as time go by you tend to take a more relaxed stance to things. And furthermore, I really like the picture just because the effortlessness of it. Sure, it is by no means a masterpiece that will attract the Eye of the Gods, but it means that I have left behind the sad and negative view that some bear with them, for example that they always have to present their best (ie not wanting to take of the shirt because they don’t have visible abs during the bulk etc), which makes them unable to enjoy life at all times. As stated in Horus Heresy Fulgrim: “If I were to await perfection, my work would never be finished”.
This does not mean that I don’t constantly strive for perfection. It merely means that I can enjoy myself at any stage of the year, and not only during the summer months when I am mean and lean. This is also hugely important for others to realise, enjoy the journey at every stage or you are wasting precious life.

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