Sunday Summary


I spent last week in Good Old Ireland in order to optimize my glory in the eyes of the Gods.
St. Patrick’s day was spent climbing Mount Brendan where St. Brendan is said to have spotted America on a sunny day. The legend of St. Brendan the Navigator is a story intertwined with myth (as is often the case with older documentations)
The climb/hike up was rather arduous but didn’t really present any challenge for our superior physiques.


The road upwards was marked with glorious crosses and at the top a larger cross stood. I filmed quite a bit on the way up and I will release a longer video in the coming days, I just need to make a good work editing it to make justice of its epicness.
As I said on my Facebook I also had a pint of Guinness later in the evening. This does not mean that I condone of degenerate alcohol culture but it was rather as a participation in a cultural context. I usually state that alcohol should be abstained from completely, and the reason for this is because most people cannot use moderation with success, and then it is better to cut it out completely. I am however at a stage where I can be satisfied with one Guinness and share a bottle of wine with my loved one as a part of a romantic evening. This can be done every once in a while.
However, if you are coming to me for advice on how to optimize gains and become glorious I will straight up tell you to stay away from alcohol for a good few years until you attain a different mindset.

I released this little video the other day (which was a separate video from the larger video material). Showing a castle ruin.


I also wrote and article on why I am sometimes looking natural (as in the picture above) and sometimes not natural at all, available here:


In other news I will temporarily slow down the frequency of my YouTube uploads, the reason for this is because I want to focus on my studies a bit harder for some time (a few weeks) to get back on track. I always found it hard to focus on different things at the same time, I would rather go hard at something completely than do things half-done. So I will switch my focus slightly for a while, I will still aim at keeping at least 4 videos a week up though.
Nothing is set in stone, however, and no major changes will be made!

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