Sunday Summary. Strongman, Sun and Shreds.

tireflip23The picture above is from yesterday’s strongman session (video of that will be up later in the week!). I learned a new technique, courtesy of the incredibly wise Abelian Bull, speaking of which, the name refers to Nils Abel, a Norwegian mathematician.
Either way the technique is to take to two steps in order to get in under the tire instead of just taking one step, which will not get you as far in under the tire, getting far under the tire makes it easier to flip!
Since the weather in Sweden has been very hot the last few days I got a good taste of what it is like to perform when it is hot outside and I can really understand that strongman- and crossfit events taking place during the Summer is harder than the ones during a time when the weather is a bit cooler.

torso34Above is a form picture. As you might see I am a bit red, courtesy of the Sun, I usually get very dark during the Summer, however, the first encounters with the Sun always turns me red. With that said I have become a bit leaner and another week of a slight deficit and additional sun will definitely lead to visual changes. Speaking of skin colour, the darker you are the leaner you look, which is why bodybuilders utilise dark spray-tan in competitions.
Lastly regarding tanning, as I have said in the past, one of my favourite things to do is to read a good book in the Sun (currently reading the third and last books on Arthur by M.K Hume, which I can highly recommend). The first two of those are below. 20150517_141811
Furthermore I have been blessed with a highly glorious hoodie to train in, it is probably the coolest hoodie I have ever seen. At a first glance you might not be so concerned with what kind of clothes you train in, however, when you need to perform even when not feeling your best, symbols and aesthetics etc can really help you get that extra fire to push through. When I have this on I get the sensation of a kinship with the ancestors which obviously brings some extra strength and motivation. The same can be said about my belt, which has a custom text on the back of it saying “Eternal Glory”, this reminds me of the good old saying that pain is temporary but glory is forever. Pain in this case is more of discomfort, I would not continue to push my body when there is something wrong with it. However, I know the difference between when a weight is just plain heavy and intimidating and when it is a case of joints etc starts to protest. hoodieThe text above “Attack is the best form of defence” might be provocative to some sensitive estrogen filled souls in Sweden, however with recent developments in our once fair land I think it is appropriate to show where you stand.

There is a lot of work to be done and an interesting Summer meets us. I wish thee all the best with your endeavours in the coming week!

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